Genshin Impact: All Time Trial Locations

Prove you're the time lord by completing all of these trials!

Genshin Impact's sprawling land of Teyvat is covered in floating mechanisms known as time trial challenges, which reward players with achievements once a certain number of challenges have been completed. With the recent addition of Dragonspine, the total number of time trials has grown even higher! Read on to find the locations of all 78 time trial challenges in Genshin Impact.

There are 17 total time trial locations in Mondstadt, 15 in Dragonspine, and 46 scattered across Liyue (whew!). Luckily, you can choose to complete these trials in co-op to make the process a little easier.

All Mondstadt Time Trial Locations

Completing ten of the Mondstadt time trials will reward you with the "Wind-Chasing Adventurer" achievement. Below, we've marked all 17 time trial locations in Mondstadt with red stars.

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All Dragonspine Time Trial Locations

There is currently no achievement for completing the time trials in Dragonspine, but these challenges can offer other rewards like: discovering Crimson Agate, Chests, and unlocking new areas in the Dragonspine region (necessary to clear the In The Mountains questline). All 15 time trial locations in Dragonspine have been marked on the map below.

All Liyue Time Trial Locations

Completing ten of Liyue's will grant the "Rock-Steady Adventurer" achievement. Since Liyue is such a large region, we've divided the 46 time trial locations into four separate screenshots. Below, we've marked the seven time trial challenges in Bishui Plain.

The screenshot below shows eight time trial locations in Qiongji Estuary.

This next screenshot reflects the locations of the 17 time trial challenges in Minlin.

Finally, the remaining 14 time trial challenges can be found in Lisha. Please note that there are four time trials in Tianqiu Valley.

Keep in mind that there are four different types of time trials:

  • Blow up exploding barrels
  • Defeat opponents
  • Dexterity (either blow up far-placed exploding barrels, or a gliding challenge)
  • Racing

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  1. The one on the bottom left corner of the Qiongji Estuary set is also included in the Lisha set.

  2. I only got 43 but thanks to this I found the remaining 3 trials.

  3. Hi, I wanted to ask if you could send a screenshot of your achievements for the trials?? Since I haven’t found a single person with 46 challenges, only 45…..

    1. Hi! So far I’ve only located the locations of each time trial, but haven’t completed them all. Once I do, I’ll definitely add achievement screenshots 🙂

  4. Thank you soo much I really needed this qwq

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    1. Glad to help! We know from experience how tricky finding these challenges can be 🙂